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The Anatomy Department & cell biology of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences was founded in 1949.  This department is on the first floor in the Faculty of Medicine. It includes 10 academic faculty member, 3 laboratory personnel, and 4 administrative staff.

As a measure of our success, our research laboratories are funded by numerous grants from the Office of   Vice-Chancellor for Research Affairs of MUMS and many of our trainees now hold prestigious faculty, and professional positions throughout the Iran and our department has been recognized by the first year medical students as among the best basic medical science departments for instruction.

 For the first time, when the Medical Faculty was established in 1949, the department of Anatomy launched as the Anatomy and Genetic Department. The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology has experienced extensive growth over its history. Originally, it had one lecture hall that could accommodate 100 students, plus one room dedicated to microscopic anatomy and another to dissection. Since that time the department has been growing steadily in the number of its faculty and the scope of their research programs. In 2009, it was given its current name, which better reflects its mission and research.


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The Department of Anatomy has the responsibility of teaching anatomy for undergraduate students (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation, Paramedics, Nursing, and Midwifery) and postgraduate students (M.S.c. students and Ph.D. students). It also establish in the field of embryology, and neuroscience.

Our missions are to

  1. Generate new knowledge in the field of cell biology, developmental biology and neuroscience research.
  2. Prepare the post graduate students for scientific careers within academia.
  3. Teaching of anatomical sciences including gross anatomy, developmental anatomy, histology, and neuroanatomy to health professionals in training. 
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